May 5, 2009

Foie Gras - stop bitching

The Voice has a feature article "Is Foie Gras torture" that comes with a slide show visit to the Hudson Valley Foie Gras Farm.

You might be thinking, Village Voice = gay pinko liberals so it's gonna be a buzz kill read about the tortured life of those poor wittle guys. Well go unsubscribe from your Vegan Outreach news letter, cuz after reading and watching the article you'll see why the Voice's conscience is totes cleans. Besides, I don't think Norman Mailer would approve of his writers being pussified weiners about the feeding technique of some admittedly cute, but otherwise stupid delicious bird.

While we're on the topic it is my valuable opinion that the voice has the best food coverage of all NYC publications. They've got my favorite food writer, Robert Sietsema's awesome column, Counter Culture. They also host a kick ass blog called Fork in the Road.

So, if u ever cared in the first place, now u can have a clean conscience while racking up the calories, and while you're at it buy a Save Foie Gras tshirt, I'm sure it's 100% organic cotton.

Yay for cholesterol! Yay for eaters rights!

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