Nov 12, 2008

the impending zombie apocalypse...

Survival quiz. These internet quizzes are usually gayer than a a volkswagen beetle with an Apple mac sticker. But this one is cool, more like a people with a jeep and a bacon license plate style quiz.

I didn't do so well on it. Personally I think I have better than a 35% chance of survival since a significant question, "have you seen more than 10 zombie movies", wasn't in the quiz.

take the quiz (it's not totally gei)):



Woods said...

Just took it. Let's just say I'm not the best guy to be around when zombie apocalypse happens, b/c there's a 72% chance I'll be a zombie.

Editer @ Magic Jesus said...

I'm too sentimental to abandon friends and family and kill my zombified mother. Therein lies my down fall. If I come after you goodly friend Woody, don't hesitate to shoot. Brrraaaaaaiiinnnsss.