Mar 31, 2009

yessss i love strippers fuck!!1

I just think you should know that. fuck. im yelling, can u hear that in my type? good. strippers are awesome, they are better than jet skis. nothing is better than jet skis. yesterday was monday, did u know that dummy? yeah well it was. and its a good night to see strippers. i tel u this cuz its good information to have on hand. can u here me yelling? thats cuz im so psyched about my hangover and the GIANT hole in my wallet. and im not kidding, i am psyched about that shit because strippers are awesome and i get to think about them all day. they smell good and they put their boobs on your face and on mondays there are no other dudes there so u get all the good ones to urself. and guess what there are good ones out on monday night u dumb fucker. thats right. there was a nice meaty one from texas. she was 22, she smelled like febreeze and it was awesome. she had a big butt and it was awesome. she had a good face on too. her face was nice and awesome, she looked like alexis texas who also has a nice face and a big dumper is awesome. im still yelling. it's like a rude beligerent really loud talking type of yelling, tits fuck. also i drank alot, did i mention that? my knees are all sore. do ur knee joints get sore after drinking? well fuck off mine do, in fact im gonna go for a walk and do some squats cuz it makes them feel good. oh man, my boner is going away. bye


Anonymous said...

it's lke reading a diary entry by my future self

ur doing it rong said...

I hope it's your future self of tomorrow morning