Mar 2, 2009


This video = awesome. Fat people for the wynn!

After wiping away the tears of lol, I needed to find the correct spelling of Ryu's catchphrase for this post; devil's in the details fuckers. Anyhow I went to Ryu's extensive wikipedia page, at the bottom of which is a link to this faggotry. It's a 4 day feature article from entitled "The top 25 Street Fighter Characters of All Time". When you think your job is the suck, be happy ur not responsible for this utter garbage:

"Ryu is a guy who goes out and fights other guys because he wants to get stronger and fight even stronger guys. There might not be the steadiest paycheck in it, but you could do a lot worse for a direction in life."

Right on D.F. Smith, there could be a worse direction in life, if only I could help you think of one...

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