Apr 17, 2009

Belly Fetish Videos

I was kinda youtube famous for a while when youtube was new. All you needed was 2000 views and you could be the most viewed for a few hours. That racked you up viewers fast. I sound like Al Bundy. Anyway if u been on youtube a real long time you prolly discovered smoking fetish, which is just dudes sitting in front of their computer smoking cigs. The funny part are the comments "I love at 2:13 when he takes a drag and that little whiff comes out of his mouth. Ughhhhh I'm so hard right now" shit like that. Anyway smoking fetish is so 2005.

The hot fire these days is belly fetish. I found out about it a couple years ago when some funny dudes from youtube, that I became IRL friends with, started getting belly fetishists commenting on their videos (some of the dudes have teh bloat). Anyway the best belly fetish dude is BellyHunter. Bellyhunter is a grower. Dudes who chug beer and u can watch their stomach get bigger and bigger. Fucking weirdly mesmerizing shit. I've yet to receive a boner form this but I'm sure it'll come around one day. This is the kinda stuff that 'turns you' gay. Bellyhunter he disabled embedding so I give you Atlcub79. Earth is a weird:

PS - if u have a youtube account and you sign up for rev sharing, prepare to lose a shit load of subscribers. They weed out the inactive ones.

If you watched the above video and do NOT have a boner, you are not a belly fetishist :(

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Woods said...

I don't know what any of this means. But i liek nick