Apr 27, 2009

Tiny Weener Tazered

I've asked just about every girl I've dated, every lady friend I have and all the women of the night I've paid for "how small is the smallest you've ever seen?". I just have to know this stuff. Every girl has a story about this one guy, and the descritopn is usually punctuated by holding up the right pinky and using the thumb and forefinger of left hand to indicate how short the pinky size weener is.

Well this is the smallest I've ever seen and it's attached to a crazy man getting tazered by the po-po.

Win for all (NSFW)

Naked Wizard Tased By Reality from Tracy Anderson on Vimeo.

Apr 23, 2009

Neat Death


Apr 20, 2009

Meghan McCain's got awesome taste in music, no srsly

I ended up on Meghan McCain's blog today and a few posts from the top she posted a playlist that includes Richard Hell, The Wire and X. And she included a song from an Ennio Morricone soundtrack, holy Fuck!! I could date this girl on the strength of her playlist alone. Srsly. That and her 7, wait no, 8 houses?

She also went to some republican summit and trashed Anne Coulter and Rush, but based on her music taste I'm not surprised she isn't scared of those two tampon heads.

Here's the playlist, click for biggar.


Susan eFing Boyle?

This weekend I heard this woman's name mentioned on the radio a bunch of times and over heard it in conversations on the street etc. What I have gathered is that she's a contestant on American Idol and that she's really ugly and a virgin and old. I guess everybody loves old virgins and they're pulling for her to win. Needless to say I don't watch American Idol.

Now I could be entirely wrong because I inferred all of the above from hearsay and radio clips, but anyway Huff Post has a funny rundown by Sarah Walker. I never read the HP but maybe I'll start.

"My Susan Boyle Fears"
As Susan Boyle's stardom catapults to unknown and unimaginable heights, here is what I fear for the future:

* The phrase, "He/She is no Susan Boyle" referring to the next unattractive person who competes on a reality show who doesn't have her talent.

* Alternately, the phrase, "Pulling a Boyle" if someone is unattractive and surprises people by succeeding at something.

* People yelling at me for calling Susan Boyle unattractive.

* The Susan Boyle Movie (Working title: "I Dreamed a Dream") with Susan Boyle played by Hollywood Actress Anne Hathaway in heavy makeup.

* The interviews with Anne Hathaway detailing her weight gain to play the role of Susan Boyle. (Anne Hathaway loves ice cream!)

* The woman's magazine articles explaining Anne Hathaway's Ways To Lose Weight (And Fast!). (No more ice cream!)

* Anne Hathaway's tearful Oscar speech when she wins Best Actress for her role as YouTube Singing Sensation Susan Boyle in "I Dreamed a Dream." (She could have never done it without Susan Boyle).

* Anne Hathaway calling Susan Boyle on stage with her during her acceptance speech. (I do look forward to Susan Boyle saying something charming and Scottish).

* Anne Hathaway/Susan Boyle duet at the Oscar ceremony with Sting as surprise guest.

* The Susan Boyle Halloween costumes.

Apr 17, 2009

Belly Fetish Videos

I was kinda youtube famous for a while when youtube was new. All you needed was 2000 views and you could be the most viewed for a few hours. That racked you up viewers fast. I sound like Al Bundy. Anyway if u been on youtube a real long time you prolly discovered smoking fetish, which is just dudes sitting in front of their computer smoking cigs. The funny part are the comments "I love at 2:13 when he takes a drag and that little whiff comes out of his mouth. Ughhhhh I'm so hard right now" shit like that. Anyway smoking fetish is so 2005.

The hot fire these days is belly fetish. I found out about it a couple years ago when some funny dudes from youtube, that I became IRL friends with, started getting belly fetishists commenting on their videos (some of the dudes have teh bloat). Anyway the best belly fetish dude is BellyHunter. Bellyhunter is a grower. Dudes who chug beer and u can watch their stomach get bigger and bigger. Fucking weirdly mesmerizing shit. I've yet to receive a boner form this but I'm sure it'll come around one day. This is the kinda stuff that 'turns you' gay. Bellyhunter he disabled embedding so I give you Atlcub79. Earth is a weird:

PS - if u have a youtube account and you sign up for rev sharing, prepare to lose a shit load of subscribers. They weed out the inactive ones.

If you watched the above video and do NOT have a boner, you are not a belly fetishist :(

Apr 8, 2009