Dec 1, 2008

OMG better than turkey!

Some dumb fuck crashed a Lamborghini in front of my parents house the day after Thanksgiving! Fucking awesome! This dummy came around a corner, did a full 180 and ran backwards up a little slope into a big fatty tree! Ever since they repaved our road numb-skulls with sports cars like to speed down on it cuz it's all curvy and shit.

What a fuckwad right! Hilarious! The dude, and his 17 yr old son (who wasn't driving. yeah right) weren't hurt. But they're $275,000 car was! Oh shit fuck! Seriously this was awesome. I was out there laughing with all the cops (oink-oink) at this asshat wearing douche-tarded snot covered cunt bat. I bet this was his last glory ride before putting this hoopty on the market after losing his jerb at citi-bank or whatever. To the poor house for you Lamborghini man!

Lookit the pictures that I have included which are pictures of this event images.


Hardy Jenns said...

who's the u-boat commander?

ur doing it rong said...

ummm, the tow truck guys assistant dude?