Dec 1, 2008

I would rape this man...

Since rape is really about hate & control, not sex, I will personally "control" all the god awful mother fuckers on this site. There are too many to post, but here's a few that will make u want to pee in your own eyes.

Russian men under 40 are the worst people evar invented.


m said...

I can't believe there's people that still like/ wear these things.


ur doing it rong said...

I can't believe the faces these dudes make while wearing them

Kathryn said...

Just came across your blog... Before scrolling further down the page I only saw the first fur pic and I thought it was a pic of you.

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Escher Dashiki said...

yeah, my brain is in a constant salvia-ific state. you should try it sometime tho; short little trip to the other side.

General Zod said...

This blog is hilarious!!!


I hate you, funny man!