Dec 16, 2008

Fleetwood Mac - Stevie is hotter than that 6.5 posted on SC&TVB

Stevie Nicks came up today on Street Carnage, and I had alot to say about her. Gavin compared some avg hipsterish broad to my favorite 70s wiccan priestess fox.

FM have't been on this blag yet cuz it's still new , and cuz Woody has found every cool clip and reference to them ever. Since half the people who read this crap are friends of ours, I dint wanna grab his shit. I only plagiarize the Associated Press.

I had a hard time deciding which clip would better prove my point, so I posted both. They are both live versions of Rhiannon. She goes for broke on the last verse, check out the end parts.

UPDATE: As of 11:25pm I've decided: Video 1 is better quality and Stevie's hair is hotter. Video 2 is a different arrangement of the song and Stevie is more bad ass at the end.

Below is the same song, different show. I wish there was a good clip of The Chain.

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