Dec 18, 2008

XKCD guide to understanding flow charts presented in flow chart form

Funny flow charts are def the haps. It's nothing new, that bacon flow chart has been around a while, and my attempt at a funny flow chart came out all right. XKCD has one today. He's the smartest funny guy ever invented. I don't get half his comics because I am not a former NASA physicist (which he actually is for real) but the ones I get are awesome and astoundingly clever. Check it.


Ralph Macchio said...

the funniest part of this flowchart, is the installing FreeBSD nonsense. No one uses that distro anymore

BMahon said...

what is FreeBSD? That part ruined the whole thing for me. I need a better punchline. Otherwise it was hilarious.

ur doing it rong said...

That's the thing with XKCD. To achieve lolz you must assume you won't get half of it but know that it's still funny.

BMahon said...

But still, what is FreeBSD?
Let's chat on here...

ur doing it rong said...

Ralph Macchio care to explain?

Ralph Macchio said...

sure can doodie -
it's a version of Linux.

here's an excerpt from wikipedia, though in summary,

FreeBSD is a Unix-like free operating system descended from AT&T UNIX via the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) branch through the 386BSD and 4.4BSD operating systems. It runs on Intel x86 family (IA-32) IBM PC compatible computers, DEC Alpha, Sun UltraSPARC, IA-64, AMD64, PowerPC, ARM and NEC PC-9801 architectures along with Microsoft's Xbox.[1] Support for other architectures is in varying stages of development. FreeBSD currently has more than 200 active developers[2] and thousands of contributors.

FreeBSD has been characterized as "the unknown giant among free operating systems."[3] It is not a clone of UNIX, but works like UNIX, with UNIX-compliant internals and system APIs.[4] FreeBSD is generally regarded as reliable and robust. Among all operating systems which can accurately report uptime remotely,[5] FreeBSD is the free operating system listed most often in Netcraft's list[6] of the 50 web servers with the longest uptime. A long uptime also indicates no crashes have occurred and no kernel updates have been deemed needed, since installing a new kernel requires a reboot, resetting the uptime counter of the system.

FreeBSD is developed as a complete operating system. The kernel, device drivers and all of the userland utilities, such as the shell, are held in the same source code revision tracking tree, whereas with Linux distributions, the kernel, userland utilities and applications are developed separately, then packaged together in various ways by others.

Ralph Macchio said...

i might add - it's incredibly complicated to install and run it, which is part of the joke of the flow chart.

General Zod said...


Love zod.

p.s. I'm lying. I covet your warped mind!

p.p.s. tell me yer shirt size and address, and UNcle Zoddy will send you a gift (may or may not be a shirt).