Jan 6, 2009

Golden Doorknob's Flying Whores

Found it! I can quit the rat race, job race, life race, etc race. I have my genius get rich quick plan, and it isn't selling those electric fly swatters I found in China (green light pending).

Skydiving whores! I am opening the first whore house in the sky, and I'm not talking about the Arab kind with the 72 virgins. *ZING*

$5 thousand US dollars will get you a whore, a parachute, and an airplane. The sex part is between u and that godless strumpet. I'm a people person baby, I only facilitate. I don't axe no questions, but still get a cut of that bitches cheese. Wait, why am I telling u the secret knowledges of my genius brain mind rhetorical question? Fuck.

Anyway check it...

Lookit Phil, my first customer. Check out his pecker! It's rock hard! I been went skydiving once, and, against the recommended long pants and jumpsuit I wore shorts and a sweatshirt. It was fucking freeeeezing! But 10,000 feet isn't cold when you have 2 wayward foxes with their amazing inverted flapping tits. Yo if the air pressure can make their boobs do that and Phil's dils is still standing up (down?), you know he's a happy jon.


1 comment:

Escher Dashiki said...

those tits are fucking nightmare inducing!! gah!!!!