Jan 13, 2009

You David Mamet shall be forged, nay, cast in gold!

Since everyone else posts their oh so funny IMs on their wee blogs I've jumped on le chariot de bande too. So here's Woody telling me to listen to Pulp (who i never got into). The last 4 lines are Mamet worthy dialogue.

Me: why is tumblr good?

Me: is it easier than blogger?

Woody Fu: yes

Woody Fu: well...

Woody Fu: its easier to update for the average dumb dumb

Me: bloggers pretty retard proof

Woody: its laid out in such a way that it encourages constant meaningless updating

Me: i see

Me: im trying it now

Woody: also I realized a good song to listen to

Woody: while we were driving around singing the pixies

Woody: would have been "monday morning" by pulp

Me: i listened to them a bit

Me: still didnt get it

Me: by a bt i mean like 5 mins

Me: so it will need more investigation

Woody: sooo good

Woody: search "pulp" on my blog

Woody: and DL those songs

Woody: you're golden

Woody: you will be forged of gold

Me: gold is usually cast

Woody Fu: fine

Woody Fu: you will be cast in gold

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