Feb 18, 2009

Fish Tank Fire at Tracy Morgan's Apt Ruins 30 Rock Wifey's Wigs

I thought this was a hoax, but no. Tracy Morgan's fish tank caught on fire thus setting off sprinklers in his neighbors apartment. His neighbor is the same lady as his wife on 30 rock and she's also the one on the View who said the Earf is flat. She has lots of wigs. Wigs are invulnerable to sprinkler water. Sherri has a r3tard of a kid (I bet he's fat) who, sangfroid in the face of the inferno, went and saved said wigs.

Out of all this wackiness I came up with a new interpretation of Hempel's Paradox. All fish are waterproof. All water is fire proof. Things that don't live in water are not fish. Tracey Morgan is a water proof Raven.

Thanks to gothamist for keeping me in the know. Go to Gawker to check out Sherri Shepard's video talking about near wig death experience. (Gawker and Gothamist are friends?)

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