Feb 25, 2009

Xoopit is a delicious fried radichio in spicy butter awesomesauce

This is a new (to me) site that I've recently found. I just redundantly said the same thing twice. Stupid idiot. lemme get back on course. It's a free site that works with your gmail and archive's all your pictures, videos, and attachments.

Xoopit then presents them all online in thumbnail format similar to flickr or iphoto. The data still lives in your Gmail, it's just organized by xoopit. The archived stuff includes all the linked pictures or videos you ever sent or received. So that star wars kid video from 2005 is in there somewhere and appears as a thumbnail even tho it's not an attachment. The same goes for pictures that from someone's flickr account.

You can search by date, sender, or just browse thru all your old stuff. You can also configure it so that it only includes certain people or if you don't want it to include certain file types. The first screen shot on the right is scroll bar on top of your inbox, which itself is shrinkable. The 2nd screen shot is the full drop down which covering open inbox, but has not taken me away from the page. It smoothly shrinks back up leaving whatever I was doing on gmail un changed. The look and animation looks and feels alot like flickr or iphoto.

I've got 1.5 gigs of stuff my Gmail since mid 2004, early beta tester son. So the flyer Tova made for my 25th, which I probably don't have on my hard drive, appears in archived gallery. I'm finding all this from the drop down menu you see in the 2nd screen shot. If I hover over the photo I can choose to fwd it without having to find the original photo. I can also dload or delete from that menu.

The best thing about gmail is the search ability and the never having to delete anything. But if I don't remember when or to whom I sent a picture, and I can't think of a keyword for in that email, I'm fucked. I've got 9,444 emails in my archive right now so I'm not gonna just go poking around for it.

I know the smarter people reading this are gonna be concerned about ownership and security. Xoopit clearly states they do not own nor can they use your content. And you can tell it to exclude certain people or file types from the archive. I could worry more about the security but I don't think I've got scans of my tax return, SS# and borth certificate in there. At some point they might monetize the thing, or hopefully sell it to google who'll keep it free. But for now it costs the same as air.

Everyone should try it out. You have to sign up for the xoopit account and then dload the firefox add-on if you want to be able to work from your gmail page. It also works with yahoo, if you're still using that beast.

I got such a boner for this thing. The only thing I should mention is that it is taking along time to archive my stuff. So far it's only back to late 2007, but in a few days It'll be done.

Yay for the future!!!!!1

EDIT: I deleted this cuz I got scared of someone seeing my PDF bank statements

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