Feb 26, 2009

Hot Cross Buns

When you keep a blog of mean spirited humor, links to youtubes starring mental patients, and your occasional snobby music review, remember to save a little space for foxy hotness. Your blag is incomplete without it. Everyone's a motherfucking taste maker, but if you get a boner, once in a while you got to share.

Here's some hot fire in heels with a great rear, baby oiled legs in the about to take off my shirt pose. She reminds me of a really sexy girl who lived across the street from me. I caught her a couple times with the blinds open. (I have binoculars, but it's 4 lanes and a median so, you know). Anyway the first time she was trying on different underwear in the mirror so I guess she had been shopping. I was in awestruck. Truly, I had never thought about that. When girls are getting sexy dressed up they have to make sure it looks right. Duh! But it was an absolute revelation, like when I was 25 and realized that I always have the ingredients for french toast, but never think to make it. Amirite?

Anyhow, the most memorable part was when she started putting on different bras in the mirror and lifting her shirt, I guess to see if it matched? Stunning. I actually never got to see her boobs or anything cuz she had to turn around to reach for the each item before putting it on. But it was still the hottest thing I saw out that window. Plus she had one of those sexy backs, even tho I never saw her bum. After about 25 minutes of watching this, a dude showed up just a minute after she finally chose something. Lucky fucker, I hope he stubs his toe really really bad.

Now she's moved out and there's a new girl there. I've seen this one fully naked on a number of occasions. She's way too skinny, has kinda ratty hair and have that jun-uh-say-kwa. One time she was dancing around like an epileptic mental case without a shred of clothes. It was super entertaining but not so much a boner moment, even tho there was boobs and all.

Alas this picture reminds me of my first across the street girl, fare thee well maiden of apt 3G on the north side of Houston st. You will forever reside in my spank bank.

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