Dec 8, 2008

the best naugthy girls underwear ever invented evar

ugh. I just died.

They have a store in soho. You should go into it, it's awesome I get a boner just walking by. Clicky for link to their site. Gold plated handcuff and dildo set? Yes mistress.

EDIT: On the bottom picture, notice how u can see that strap on her inner ass cheek behind the pussy region. That is a killer angle. I love bums.


ur doing it rong said...

Dear self,

Thanks for posting this. I keep coming back to "read" it.


General Zod said...

Dear brilliant, asshole!

Stop making us all look played.



ur doing it rong said...

I guess they have wifi in that 4th dimensional prisn thing out in space

General Zod said...

yet, no working plumbing or chairs.

or lube.

ur doing it rong said...

you should call the "super". Nyuck.

Massiel said...

this is exactly what my 'bum' looks like haha. Just a tad bit bigger.